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Olmais, Azeite Olmais, Azeite Virgem Extra Biológico Olmais, Azeite Biológico Olmais, Azeite Premium Olmais, Azeite Premium Biologico Olmais, Olmais Azeite Virgem Extra Biologico, Olmais Organic, Azeite Premium Virgem Extra Biologico Olmais são marcas registadas da Quinta dos Olmais, a utilização de qualquer conteúdo está sujeita a permissão prévia. Qualquer pedido de autorização de uso deve ser submetido à Quinta dos Olmais usando os seguintes contactos, Morada: Lugar dos Olmais, 5360-170 | Telefone: +351 963 122 848 | Email: quinta.olmais@gmail.com

  • Olmais Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml / 16.9floz

    In the original and beautiful black glass 500ml/16.9floz bottle with gold leaf details, from our organic olive grove resting on the hillsides of the Terra Quente region in Portugal, we select only centennial olive trees to produce this master piece of olive oil, from an early harvest, cold pressed, unfiltered and not winterized, our olive oil is a return to the origins of olive oils, a true expression of Nature.


    Our olive oil is from the Cobrancosa, Verdeal and Madural varieties, unique to Portugal, these varieties produce very intense olive oils. Olmais is a robust extra virgin olive oil from an early harvest.

    Tasting Profile:
    This unfiltered olive oil has an intense fruity flavor with a strong peppery finish and a distinct bitterness. Extremely complex, unique and well-balanced.


    Top 100, Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year, 2017 and 2016 EVOO World Ranking

    2018 and 2017 Gold Medal, 2018 and 2017Selection, 1001Degustations, France

    2017 Grand Prestige Gold and 2016 Prestige Gold, Olivinus, Mendonza, Argentina

    2017 and 2106 Prestige Gold Medals, Terraolivo, Jerusalem, Israel

    2017 Silver and 2016 Gold Medals, World's Best Olive Oil, NYIOOC, USA
    2017 Silver Medal, Athena International Olive Oil Competition, Athens, Greece

    2017 Silver Medal, Organic Olive Oils, CNAP, Santarem, Portugal

    2017 and 2016 Silver Medals, Domina International OOC, Palermo, Italy

    2016 Silver Medal, World's Best Organic Olive Oils, Premio BIOL, Italy

    2016 Silver Medal, Olymp Awards, World Food Contest, Athens, Greece 

    2016 Silver Medal, 1st London International Olive Oil Contests, Aristion Gold, UK


      Great over grilled meats, pasta or salads, and as a full-flavored dipping oil with your favorite bread.


      Latest Chemical Analysis:

      Free Fatty Acids (FFA): 0.2%

      Peroxides: <15 mEqO2/kg

      K232: <2.00

      K268: <0.20

      dK: <0.01

      Waxes: <150mg/Kg


      Sensory Evaluation:

      Fruitiness: 5.6

      Bitterness: 2.6

      Pungency: 2.1


      PT-BIO-03 European Organic Farming AB2161UP