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Quinta dos Olmais 

Quinta dos Olmais is an organic farm, located in the historic upper Douro region of Terra Quente, our olive trees are organically grown on the hills and valleys of Vila Flor, a village of kings and farmers established as far back as 1286. 

Together with our younger olive trees planted some 30 years ago we have a selection of centennial trees, of the Cobrançosa, Verdeal and Madural varieties unique to Portugal, from olives picked at an early harvest we make our very rich, floral and complex extra virgin olive oil.
At Olmais we have a strong commitment to Nature, having our organic production already certified in Europe and the Americas. We took it a step further and at our olive groves  we promote wildlife-friendly farming methods with biodiversity corridors, no use of pesticides, minimal interventions during the year, providing wildlife with watering holes during the dry season, harvesting only during the day with non-aggressive methods and only using responsible fishing certified partners for our canned fish products. 

Organic certification is not the same as having quality products so knowing that, since the beginning our company strives to get every year the best possible olive oil and related products. Our olives are harvest very early and extraction begins in the same day ensuring very fruity and green olive oils, perfection is our goal year after year. 
Our company has ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and our olive oil products have won over 40 awards in the last 3 years, including winning the National Agriculture Award for our work with olive oil and an honorable mention in the National Producers Award for our production methods.


So enjoy our organic, pure, cold pressed, unfiltered and not winterized OLMAIS Olive Oil, a return to the origins of olive oil. All at once fruity, green, herbaceous and floral, layered with a balanced spiciness and bitterness that lingers. 

Here at Olmais we produce some of the finest of organic products in Portugal. Currently we produce one of the best Portuguese organic olive oils, fruit organic vinegars and organic canned products. 

In this tumultuous times, we invite you to come and take a journey with us back to nature, back to simpler times, better times...

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