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Aromatic herbs fresh all year with Olive Oil

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

We just discovered this fabulous tip at Aove Sour & Hot, visit them for pics and other articles.

So, summer is over and you want to keep your aromatic herbs fresh all year? Well there is a way! And the answer is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You just need your aromatic fresh herbs, an ice tray, and most important some fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil like our unfiltered OLMAIS ORGANIC.

Just follow this 5 easy steps:

1) Wash the herbs and dry them carefully with kitchen paper.

2) Dry them very well to avoid oil degradation.

3) Chop the longer herbs and leave the smaller ones whole.

4) Put the herbs in the cubes and fill it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil about 3/4 full, never to the brim to avoid overflow.

5) Wrap the ice tray in plastic tray and put it on the freezer overnight.

The cool thing is that in the next day you can take your "herb cubes" out of the ice tray and store them in a labelled plastic bag in the freezer then do it all over again until you have enough "supplies" for the winter!

Now, you will always have fresh aromatic herbs and spices ready to use. Just use your "herb cubes" as you would use your fresh herbs.

A big thanks to our friends over at Aove Sour & Hot

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