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The Last Medal (of 2016)

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

2016 was a wonderful year for Olmais, our first year was also a year full of international recognition and awards, no less than 10 awards in just 10 month.

Our last achievement comes from the capital of gourmet foods and fine taste, a gold medal from France.

For 2017 we promise to maintain our superior standards and quality as we expect no less than, at least, the same results.

Happy New Year!

Full list of 2016 awards:

- Gold Medal, World's Best Olive Oil, NYIOOC, USA

- Gold Medal, 2017 Selection, 1001Degustations, France

- Prestige Gold Medal, 2016 Terraolivo, Jerusalem, Israel

- Prestige Gold Medal, 2016 Olivinus, Mendonza, Argentina

- Silver Medal, World's Best Organic Olive Oils, Premio BIOL, Italy

- Silver Medal, Domina International Olive Oil Contest, Palermo, Italy

- Silver Medal, Olymp Awards, World Food and Beverage Contest, Athens, Greece

- Silver Medal, 1st London International Olive Oil Contests, Aristion Gold Awards, UK

- Bronze Medal, Olymp Awards, World Food and Beverage Contest - Packaging, Athens, Greece

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